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Ottawa Police refer to anti-vax protestors as “freedom supporters”

In what can only be described as positive public relations spin – or just propaganda in this case – the Ontario Police’s official Twitter account referred to anti-vaccine, pro-disease protestors as “Freedom Supporters.”

I’m sorry what? Anti-vaccine protestors have shown themselves to be the least supportive of freedom.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to us at this point. Police officers have protected anti-vaccine protestors since the start of the pandemic. This is nothing new.

David Moscrop nailed it in his retweet. “You know you don’t have to do PR for them, right?”

This also shouldn’t be a surprise because, in some areas, cops have been shown to be less likely to get vaccinated – making them more likely to sympathize with anti-vaxxers. Many police forces didn’t even require their officers to get vaccinated, including major cities such as Vancouver.

As reported by CBS News:

“Law enforcement officers were among the first front-line workers to be offered coronavirus vaccines, yet by most accounts their vaccination rates are below or about the same as figures for the public at large.”

What are the chances that OPD would refer to climate change protestors as freedom supporters? Landback protestors? Anti-pipeline protestors? Anti-poverty protestors?

Of course, these are usually the groups antagonized and even brutalized by the police. Groups that are actually “freedom supporters” find themselves in opposition to the police. It’s almost as if the police are not on the side of freedom at all.

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