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Making sense of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

What has become clear is that Canadian and American media are manufacturing consent, and presenting the Russian invasion of Ukraine outside of its historical context.
The act of invasion is 100% Vladimir Putin’s decision, and the invasion was not justified. At the same time, the conditions that led to this were in part due to USA/NATO aggression toward Russia.

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How capitalism made the pandemic worse, every step of the way

The internal logic of capitalism has tainted our government’s response to the pandemic. Corporate profits were preserved, while the interests of the working class were disregarded.
Pandemic austerity and vaccine nationalism were the primary themes of government responses, and have grave consequences for the working class and health of humanity.
An alternative solution, worker-ownership, is good public health policy as it would empower workers to create their own safe pandemic working conditions.

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It’s an American election dumpster fire: Canadians need to be vigilant too

The American democratic experiment is stuck in gridlock. Donald Trump is a symptom of a much larger movement that has swept through Europe, Asia, South America, as well as Canada. We must safeguard our democracy.

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Conspiracy Theories and Conservatism: A Love Affair (Part 2)

There are glaring parallels between conservatism and modern conspiracy theories. With far-right ideologies on the rise and even promoted by the White House, this is a problem that must be taken seriously

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Fascism on the ballot: Will Americans drown out hate?

Make no mistake, even in Trump loses the election, Fascism and hate will remain. Let’s push it back into the shadows.

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Conspiracy Theories and Conservatism: A Love Affair (Part 1)

What used to be an identifier of alt-right communities has become indisputably mainstream.

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