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Vancouver Police release highly militaristic copaganda recruiting ad

The Vancouver Police Department released a series of recruitment ads on March 1st.
The VPD’s ad elevated one of the worst parts of policing – the high militarization of the VPD – in a blatant pro-police propaganda campaign.

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Edmonton City Council votes to Defund the Police

The Edmonton city council voted to cut the 2022 Edmonton Police Service (EPS) budget by $10.9 million last Wednesday. EPS will still be allocated $385 million next year. I guess more armoured vehicles are out of the question next year? Defunding the police is the correct path for Canada to take, and Edmonton is leading the way.

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Let’s De-fund the Police in Canada too. But what does that mean?

The range of issues that could be removed from police duties to non-authoritarian and non-militarized (in some cases) programs is as vast as our imagination. Think of drug decriminalization, sex work, minor bylaw enforcement, restorative rather than punitive justice, implementing means of direct democracy and more community involvement, and anything else that strikes at the root of crime.

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