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The Police Problem in Canada

Trent Daley
Trent Daley

Trent is a 2020 graduate from the University of Alberta Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Sociology. Trent received an appointment for the Anti-Racism Advisory Committee to the City of Edmonton in February 2020 and serves as Vice-Chair. Trent is a 2022 recipient of the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation’s Top 30 Under 30 award.

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While liberals and the politically illiterate are celebrating our Prime Minister invoking the Emergencies Act and the following arrests of Patrick (Pat) King, Tamara Lich et al… What’s next for us?

The Emergencies Act sets a dangerous precedent– as does Bill 1 in Alberta (Critical Infrastructure Defence Act), and we should not be encouraging their precedent-setting use.

While many in the big tent known as the ‘Left’ are looking forward to fewer trucks honking and less frequent boisterous displays of coup-seeking belligerents- what this does is give more powers to Police. Police who have shown throughout the pandemic that they are unwilling to stay consistent in their enforcement and reactions.

“If you’re saying ACAB, then you shouldn’t be supporting this”

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you think accelerationists

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The so-called “Freedom” Convoy has been reacted to by Canadian police with kid gloves. Their right to protest was mentioned by Police Chiefs, officers hugging and negotiating calmly. 

This disparity is not new. As cities like Edmonton justify and grapple with having approved budget increases to municipal Police, we must ask; is it worth it? Are $4 Million dollar aircraft necessary for Edmonton Police Service?

Pat King et al have been active for years. Police were aware. Why are we funding systems of harm like counterterrorism and the failed ‘War on Drugs’ when the growing white nationalist and accelerationist movements have been calling from inside the house? 

It is clear that the systems and leaders have not been listening. Legislation that allows the system to reproduce the same old issues is not going to bring our salvation. Our electoral system chases its own tail, from election to election to election, from coast to coast to coast. Yet, our leaders see systemic racism as an “American Problem” and ignore the many examples of harm here, at home.

The land we call Canada cannot commit to reconciliation or a better tomorrow when politicians continue to push platitudes and pepper spray. 

After this article was written:

On Saturday, Feb 19th in the afternoon, Calgary Police Service shot and killed a Black man experiencing a mental health crisis – the restraint they showed during the Convoy protests & ‘Freedom’ rallies was mysteriously absent. Perhaps Police should not respond to mental health crises- and instead, we should fund & send those qualified to respond. Latjor Tuel’s loss will forever impact his family and the South Sudanese community of Calgary.

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