Canadian Freedom and Anti-maskers. Covidiots just don’t get it.

Surely, mandating masks and social distancing during a once in a lifetime pandemic is not an overreach of government. Lock downs, hard as they may be for all of us, are not and overreach either. They are a last resort needed to ensure public heath once cases have overrun contact tracing.

Racist blood quantum laws still define First Nations in Canada

First Nations have lived on the land we call Canada for thousands of years before this land was “discovered.” Over this time they already ran into the problem of who is and isn’t a member of their nation and had developed their own systems. These systems are what should be used to determine who is First Nations, rather than blood quantum laws.

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Wear a Mask! Here’s the science behind mask use.

It is easy to see why national policy on mask wearing has flip flopped during the initial months of the pandemic. Evidence was sparse, mixed, or inconclusive and public policy reflected that. But as new evidence is emerging that does support the use of face masks by the general population, so to, does public policy.

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Workers deserve a 32 hour work week with no loss of pay

Isn’t this what working people in the current moment deserve? Decades of wage stagnation and rising cost of living while productivity increases are due to right wing economic policies. It’s about time workers got some relief.

Two Conservative candidates have transphobic policies. Why is no-one talking about this?

Even in Canada, the denial of the validity of transgender people’s lived existence remains. Two out of the four leadership candidates for the Conservative Party of Canada want to remove protections for transgender people.

Let’s De-fund the Police in Canada too. But what does that mean?

The range of issues that could be removed from police duties to non-authoritarian and non-militarized (in some cases) programs is as vast as our imagination. Think of drug decriminalization, sex work, minor bylaw enforcement, restorative rather than punitive justice, implementing means of direct democracy and more community involvement, and anything else that strikes at the root of crime.

Why are Covidiots teaming up with the far right?

The problem is that they are so open-minded that their brains have fallen right out.

The far right is more wrong than they think. Less than 5% of Spain and France have Covid-19 antibodies.

Recent studies have indicated that up to 5% of the population has contracted Covid-19. The far right is clamouring to reopen the economy even though the poor are the hardest hit.

Andrew Scheer is now pushing “Re-open Canada” nonsense.

Scheer’s comments echo Trumpist “Re-open America” rhetoric, and express a narrative common to far-right, pro-big business pundits and politicians.

How are Canadian Scientists Fighting Covid-19?

It is clear that the virus knows no borders, but on the other hand, neither does science. So, what is Canada doing to advance our scientific understanding of the virus?


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