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The Police Problem in Canada

The Emergencies Act sets a dangerous precedent- as does Bill 1 in Alberta, and we should not be encouraging their precedent-setting use.
It is clear that the systems and leaders have not been listening. Legislation that allows the system to reproduce the same old issues is not going to bring our salvation.

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The University of Toronto Mississauga is making students pay for services that are closed.

With the university caring more about its reputation and money rather than its students, we are writing this article as a demand for help from external media and external voices to showcase this issue with the hope that the university now has an actual reason to listen to their students.

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Leftists should abandon the term “Anthropocene” in discussing the climate crisis

With the facts in front of us — with even further evidence that corporations overwhelmingly produce the majority of our global greenhouse gas emissions — it’s clear that responsibility for the effects of climate change is not universal like the Anthropocene narrative claims.

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Despite Their Roots, The Proud Boys Shouldn’t Be The Center of Canada’s Far-Right Terrorism Discussion

The Proud Boys themselves are not Canada’s largest far-right terror threat. Many progressive bloggers, writers, journalists, and anti-hate watchdogs have had mixed reactions to the wording of Monday’s House motion that included designating The Proud Boys — McInnes’ pet project — a terrorist organization in Canada. Some are calling for further discussion and an alternate approach.

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Why the Liberal Party is losing the Youth vote, and the NDP is gaining.

Many of us voted for Trudeau, giving him a majority government for four years. But since his 2015 legalization promise, Justin Trudeau has done little to help the generation that got him elected. He is losing the youth vote.

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Freedom stops when work starts. Canadian workers deserve more.

In times of crisis, such as the current pandemic, the situation of the workers becomes even worse. Workers are left with a simple choice of either risking their lives to put food on the table for a minimum wage or being left without the means to sustain themselves.

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Conspiracy Theories and Conservatism: A Love Affair (Part 2)

There are glaring parallels between conservatism and modern conspiracy theories. With far-right ideologies on the rise and even promoted by the White House, this is a problem that must be taken seriously

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