Hey there, my name is Josh! Follow me on Twitter.

Apparently, in real life, I just don’t shut up about politics, so I thought starting a blog would be a healthy outlet for expressing my political opinions. So far I’d say I’m enjoying it. Here’s some facts about me:

  • I was born in 1988 on the west coast of “Canada”
  • I married my wife in 2021
  • I’ve always held a working-class job. This includes: dishwasher, cook, waiter, construction labour and a career as an electrician for over 10 years
  • I’m currently switching careers and looking to try my hand at web development
  • I have been a socialist for like, I don’t know, 15 years or so?
  • I love reading radical leftist political theory.
  • I really don’t like bigots, transphobes, fascists, anti-vaxxers, racists, etc. Every gender, every race, punch a nazi in the face!

So that’s enough about me. If you have any questions feel free to ask away.