Northern Currents is a blog started with the aim of advancing left-wing ideas and policies while countering misinformation and hate in Canada. Both the authors and followers are devoted to advocating for every person to live with a dignified living standard, provide solutions for the climate crisis, and expand democratic rights for workers and other oppressed and marginalized groups. Northern Currents is an independent website and not connected to any political party or organization.

About the Author
My name is Josh and I was born and raised near Vancouver, British Columbia. I have followed Canadian and international politics for over 15 years. Currently, I live in Langley, BC with my wife. I believe strongly that every day Canadians who work for a living and want to see a better, fair planet for everyone should work together to create the world we need, not the one we have. Follow me on Twitter.

I firmly believe in expanding workers’ rights with unions, cooperative workplaces, and government programs. Indigenous Reconciliation and the Landback movement have my full support. LGBTQ+ rights are important and we must fight to eliminate all forms of discrimination and violence towards the LGBTQ+ community. Systemic racism and xenophobia of all forms must be opposed and dismantled. Science and rational thinking must be promoted and the climate crisis is urgent and must be reversed.


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