A new direction for Northern Currents

Northern Currents has changed quite a bit since I started it two years ago. I have 60 posts published and have built a small following via social media and the newsletter.

I have decided to simplify things a little. You can see the new layout is much more simple and easier to read than previous versions. It gets to the point.

With the new layout comes a new shift in what I want to do with Northern Currents. I am shifting away from lengthier articles and more toward shorter, blog-style posts. Not to say I won’t write longer pieces in the future – only that it will be less frequent.

Comments will be opened back up. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the things I write as well.

I will also talk about issues outside of Canadian politics as well. There’s just so much stuff around the world to talk about. However, the primary focus will remain on Canadian politics.

Thanks for following along!

Josh K

Josh is the main author of Northern Currents. Josh is an electrician of 10 years and has been interested in radical politics for even longer. Follow me on Twitter at @josh_nc.

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