Who are the real Libertarians?

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Right-wingers stole the idea of individual liberty from the left

undefinedFor those unaware of the history of the last few centuries, these years have been overflowing with various forms of infringements of individual liberty in European and North American countries. Examples include racial discrimination, the lower social status of women, the erasure of LGBT+ people from everyday life, and prohibition legislation. These four examples were were all associated with left-wing trade union, liberal, or socialist movements of their time. There were no right-wing libertarian movements supporting the rights of these groups. It was only toward the later part of the 20th century that (smaller) libertarian movements formed.

There is a common theme within right-wing libertarian circles praising the idea of individual liberty; that is ones right to ones own body free from force or coercion from any other person. While not going quite far enough, it would seem to be a good starting point for any political philosophy. Under this concept, things like theft, vandalism, sexual assault, systematic discrimination, and similar bad actions would be considered immoral, as things are all acts of force from one person toward another. On the flip side, if it’s not hurting anyone, then its okay.

So when a libertarian lectures you about individual liberties, just ask them where they got that idea from.

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