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Northern Currents is here to advance progressive ideas and policies, while countering misinformation and hate. Our goals are to provide every person with a dignified living standard, provide solutions for the climate crisis, and expand democracy.

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Workers deserve a 32 hour work week with no loss of pay

Isn’t this what working people in the current moment deserve? Decades of wage stagnation and rising cost of living while productivity increases are due to right wing economic policies. It’s about time workers got some relief.

Let’s De-fund the Police in Canada too. But what does that mean?

The range of issues that could be removed from police duties to non-authoritarian and non-militarized (in some cases) programs is as vast as our imagination. Think of drug decriminalization, sex work, minor bylaw enforcement, restorative rather than punitive justice, implementing means of direct democracy and more community involvement, and anything else that strikes at the root of crime.


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