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Ottawa Police refer to anti-vax protestors as “freedom supporters”

In what can only be described as positive public relations spin – or just propaganda in this case – the Ontario Police’s official Twitter account referred to anti-vaccine, pro-disease protestors as “Freedom Supporters.” I’m sorry what? Anti-vaccine protestors have shown themselves to be the least supportive of freedom. This shouldn’t come as a shock to … Continue reading Ottawa Police refer to anti-vax protestors as “freedom supporters”

Neoliberal failures expose the need to defund the police

Police cannot ever solve broad social and political problems created by the neglect of the neoliberal state. They will forever be locked in a chase to find more crime which is continuously generated by our economic system. A dog chasing its tail. Alternatives must be found.

The Conservative Party has become the political arm of the trucker’s convoy

The Conservative party has made a turn to the hard right. No doubt they want to swallow up lost voters further to the right that have turned to the PPC. 

What this means in practice is an outright rejection of any public health measures that actually prevent Covid infections and transmission.

Making sense of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

What has become clear is that Canadian and American media are manufacturing consent, and presenting the Russian invasion of Ukraine outside of its historical context.

The act of invasion is 100% Vladimir Putin’s decision, and the invasion was not justified. At the same time, the conditions that led to this were in part due to USA/NATO aggression toward Russia.

A left-wing case against Justin Trudeau invoking the Emergencies Act

The central issue with invoking the Emergency Act is twofold: First, it is a step too far in consolidating state power against dissenting citizens. Second, police already had the tools they needed to deal with the occupation in Ottawa but chose not to. If the police had exhausted all their options first (which are routinely used against Indigenous and climate change protestors) then Trudeau may have a case. This did not happen.

The Police Problem in Canada

The Emergencies Act sets a dangerous precedent- as does Bill 1 in Alberta, and we should not be encouraging their precedent-setting use.

It is clear that the systems and leaders have not been listening. Legislation that allows the system to reproduce the same old issues is not going to bring our salvation.

Pierre Poilievre is no friend of the working class, despite his pro-worker ranting

Poilievre’s announcement to run as Prime Minister touches on working-class issues, with a mood of plausible, genuine sincerity. He even mentions the working class by name. Of course, Poilievre doesn’t care about the working class at all.

His solution to alleviating poverty in Canada is to put the social welfare bureaucracy “out of business.”


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