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Northern Currents is here to advance progressive ideas and policies while countering misinformation and hate. Our goals are to provide every person with a dignified living standard, provide solutions for the climate crisis, and expand democratic rights.

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What if we all get Covid-19? Why vaccines are the cure to contagion
Historically, vaccines have arguably been one of the biggest success stories of the human race – …
The University of Toronto Mississauga is making students pay for services that are closed.
With the university caring more about its reputation and money rather than its students, we are …
Leftists should abandon the term “Anthropocene” in discussing the climate crisis
With the facts in front of us — with even further evidence that corporations overwhelmingly produce …
Despite Their Roots, The Proud Boys Shouldn’t Be The Center of Canada’s Far-Right Terrorism Discussion
The Proud Boys themselves are not Canada’s largest far-right terror threat. Many progressive bloggers, writers, journalists, …

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