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Don’t just blame the anti-vaxxers, blame our political elites too

Justin Trudeau has chosen to place all of the blame on the unvaccinated for the current spike in cases and hospitalizations. The problem is, this is only a half-truth. It is political scapegoating. The other half of the problem is Trudeau himself – and the rest of Canada’s political elites who have declined to improve Canada’s public health system for decades.

There is so much more that our political leaders could have done to prevent, or at least mitigate, the current surge in Omicron cases and hospitalizations.

How capitalism made the pandemic worse, every step of the way

The internal logic of capitalism has tainted our government’s response to the pandemic. Corporate profits were preserved, while the interests of the working class were disregarded.

Pandemic austerity and vaccine nationalism were the primary themes of government responses, and have grave consequences for the working class and health of humanity.

An alternative solution, worker-ownership, is good public health policy as it would empower workers to create their own safe pandemic working conditions.


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Me: points out the white supremacist ties within the convoy ‘movement’ to a supporter

Convoy Supporter:

My friend who works on Elgin just sent me this photo. Yes, that is a confederate flag. In case you had any doubts about the intentions of this racist convoy. Stay safe, friends. #ottcity #SomersetWard

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