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Canadian Freedom and Anti-maskers. Covidiots just don’t get it.

Surely, mandating masks and social distancing during a once in a lifetime pandemic is not an overreach of government. Lock downs, hard as they may be for all of us, are not and overreach either. They are a last resort needed to ensure public heath once cases have overrun contact tracing.

Racist blood quantum laws still define First Nations in Canada

First Nations have lived on the land we call Canada for thousands of years before this land was “discovered.” Over this time they already ran into the problem of who is and isn’t a member of their nation and had developed their own systems. These systems are what should be used to determine who is First Nations, rather than blood quantum laws.

hands with latex gloves holding a globe with a face mask

Wear a Mask! Here’s the science behind mask use.

It is easy to see why national policy on mask wearing has flip flopped during the initial months of the pandemic. Evidence was sparse, mixed, or inconclusive and public policy reflected that. But as new evidence is emerging that does support the use of face masks by the general population, so to, does public policy.


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